These terms and conditions apply to all of our customers. By placing an order, you automatically agree with them.

The client agrees to keep abreast of any changes to these terms and conditions. We will post updates to the Terms and Conditions on our site as needed.

Product Description Page
We carefully fill in the information on the product description page and update it. We cannot guarantee with 100% probability that all the information is correct. Therefore, if you find any errors, please let us know.
Please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of color reproduction in product photos, as this depends on your computer settings. Therefore, when a disputable situation arises, the images on our computers take priority.

Product price and shipping cost
The price for each item is indicated in US dollars. Shipping costs appear separately when the customer places an order.
The product is sold at the price indicated on the website. If, due to an error, the price of goods on the site was lower than it should, the customer is not obliged to pay the missing amount of money. If, due to an error, the price of goods on the site was higher than it should, the overpaid funds are returned to the customer.
The price applied to the product is in effect at the time of ordering. In the event of an increase in the price of a product after the customer has placed an order, the price for him remains unchanged.

Placing an order on our website takes place in stages. Each subsequent window is filled after filling the previous one. There are tooltips. If you have any questions, please contact our specialists for help.

Order cancellation
After the payment for the goods has been received to our account, we are obliged to deliver it. You can cancel your order within 24 hours of placing your order by contacting us. After 24 hours, it is not possible to cancel the order and you need to follow our Refund Policy to resolve the issue.

Lack of goods
We provide information about the presence or absence of products on the website.
If the customer has placed an order and it turns out that the ordered product is not available, we contact the customer within 1 business day and offer to wait for the desired product with an indication of the waiting time, or we offer to cancel the order and return the money.

Delivery of goods
The goods are sent to the address specified when placing the order. The customer can contact us to adjust the delivery address of the goods until the goods are handed over to the carrier.
We are responsible for delivering the proper goods to the carrier and for providing him with reliable information about the delivery address. From the moment of receipt of the goods by the carrier, he is responsible for the delivery of the goods in the required quantity and proper quality under the contract of carriage. If this situation occurs, we independently resolve this issue with the carrier within 1 month from the date of its occurrence. Then we handle the issue with the customer.

Sourcing information
To properly safeguard our business, we reserve the right to reject any requests for our sourcing information if we identify that such information could be used by any third parties except for public authorities.

Force Majeure
If the seller is unable to deliver the goods due to natural disasters, mass diseases, strikes, wars and military actions, terrorist acts, sabotage, prohibitive measures of states, embargo, international sanctions or any other circumstances  beyond the absolute control of the seller, the seller’s obligation to deliver the goods is suspended until the termination of these circumstances. If force majeure does not disappear within 60 or more days, each of the parties has the right not to comply with their initial obligations and not to be responsible for this.

Functioning of the site
We are obliged to ensure the continuous operation of our site, however, we are not responsible for possible failures due to technical reasons. We will try to prevent them.

Submission of claims
If a dispute arises before going to court, the customer is obliged to send a claim to the seller by the following e-mail: [email protected]. The term for consideration of the claim by the seller is no more than 10 business days from the date of its receipt.

Dispute resolution
The parties should make every effort to resolve the dispute amicably through negotiations or by sending a claim from the customer to the seller.
In situations where negotiations have not helped to resolve the dispute, the parties are guided by the substantive law of New Jersey.

Contact information
Email: [email protected].
Mobile phone: +1 201 204 9611.