Useful Tips for Kitchen Planning

Kitchen planning is a process that needs to be approached with full responsibility, because its result will not stay with you for 1 year. We invite you to consider the main aspects together.

The quality of the selected furniture

When choosing furniture for the arrangement of the room, be sure to pay attention to quality. Of course, it matters what material the kitchen itself is made of. However, also pay attention to the reliability of the components, parts, then you can get the perfect functionality of all sliding structures and surfaces.


You need to solve another question, how to make the kitchen comfortable. The kitchen is a place where a huge number of things are done every day, so when planning the space, be sure to take into account the ergonomics of furniture sets. An important aspect is the working surface. Mounting countertops, where cutting, cooking will be carried out, take into account the growth of the owners of the apartment. Kitchen planning is carried out in such a way that residents do not have to bend over during the kitchen work. The same applies to the new electric ovens, microwave ovens, which are often found in our kitchen. When using them, the owners should not rise on tiptoe — there should be a complete overview of what is happening inside. The refrigerator, freezers are installed in the most accessible place.

When choosing kitchen appliances, it is not recommended to give preference to outdated or very rare models. This will simplify the repair work if necessary.

When placing the sink, refrigerator, and cooking surface, try to form a triangle for work, 1.2-2.7 meters wide, so that the hostess can comfortably move between them. With a smaller distance between the elements, the hostess will be “closely” working on the preparation of food.

Surface Structure

When planning the kitchen, take into account the upcoming loads on the furniture. Fumes that occur during the cooking process form fat films that cover kitchen furniture sets. For this reason, it is recommended to choose kitchen surfaces whose structures are easy to clean. The material from which the furniture is made must be resistant to temperature influences, various kinds of pollution. Remember that it is much easier to work with smooth surfaces than with structural kitchen facades.

Lighting and Wiring

It is recommended to create a project of the future kitchen taking into account the functionality of this room. Be sure to provide the optimal number of connections, electrical outlets, systems for conducting gas, water. It is recommended to equip all these elements before installing furniture.

When designing a kitchen, keep in mind the lighting. Pay special attention to the cabinets in the upper tier, as they will necessarily block the overhead light, which will make the work area darkened. Thanks to the built-in LED lighting, it will be possible to organize high-quality lighting of countertops where food preparation will take place.